Thursday, 31 May 2012

Scott and Bailey: the trailer...

Storyboarding your own trailer:

  • Think about music for your own trailer - and why you would choose that track. 
  • Note the shots that centre on their private life and relationships - remember the family audience you're trying to appeal to. 
  • Try to give a sense of setting and make sure you provide a suitable mise-en-scene. 
  • Remember to use only two or three long shots - you only have ten shots altogether. 
  • Remember to use sound to enhance the drama - crescendo and sforzando. 
  • Remember to put in SOME action - don't make it all about relationships. 
  • Make sure your shot distances match the drawings. 
  • Make sure you use at least two angled shots. 
  • Describe the shots accurately. 
  • Number them and think about the time you are set and how you want to break it down. 
  • Remember to note the edits used - Scott and Bailey use only cuts, but the pace picks up during the action scenes (i.e. the shots are quicker). 
  • You may want to use a title card or two; they are used in Scott and Bailey, but bearing in mind how FEW shots you'll have, you may just want to add/superimpose the title on one of the shots. 
  • I would advise you to annotate your storyboards - though do it quickly.

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