Monday, 27 May 2013

Possible Question One...

And we emphasise the word POSSIBLE...

1/  What are the five key features of a music magazine?
2/  What are the five key features of the cover of a music magazine?
3/  What are the five key features of a music magazine and a music magazine website?
4/   We think the five key features of a music magazine are:

  • Knowledge of target audience - informs everything else - style, genre, language, content, advertising - discuss with reference to three magazines
  • Vibrant front cover - carefully targets primary and secondary audience - look at Top of the Pops, Mojo and Kerrang!, for example - HOW do the covers appeal to the audience; how do they reflect the content of the magazine? Look at the media language, such as the use of colour to appeal to the audience. Use of photographs, cover lines, banners, plugs, freebies...
  • Informative and engaging content - using three magazines as examples, look at the way the content appeals to the target audience e.g. a feature article (NME or Mojo, for instance); gig guides and live reviews (NME); photos of live gigs to bring a sense of immediacy and drama (Rock Sound and Kerrang!, for instance); diversifying the content to appeal to the target audience (Top of the Pops); look at the colloquial language used to encourage the reader to relate to the magazine so he'she'd be more likely to buy it. Use actual examples.
  • Interactivity - letters pages; competitions, website, social networking; look at the way NME encourage letters and have 'stalker' photographs; look at the way Top of the Pops reaches out to its target audience - 
  • The ability to target advertisers - magazines depend on advertising for revenue - look at the way magazine s devise reader profiles aimed at advertisers - there are a number in the slideshares posted below, but here are three below. Right click and you can view them in larger size.

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