Thursday, 30 May 2013


You must try and get some theory into at least ONE of your four answers.

Possibly the easiest is Uses and Gratifications

Blumler and Katz suggested people use the media to satisfy their needs. This
is called The Four Needs theory. It has four main parts –
1. Escape and diversion from everyday life
2. Surveillance and information
3. Personal relationships
4. Personal identity

The Music Press and the Four Needs

1.Music magazines and websites can provide an escape from people’s own everyday life; the audience can get involved with different artists and stories; they can get carried away with drama or excitement and forget about their own lives and worries for a while.

2. Surveillance: music magazines and websites provide various kinds of information about music, artists and the music business itself so the audience can learn things, and find out what is happening ‘out there.’

3. Personal relationships: the audience can chat to each other about music, artists, events and stories, sharing opinions and information and so on. It provides an opportunity for social interaction.

4. Personal identity: some audience members can compare themselves with people in the stories, imagining how they would react in similar circumstances. Some people like to identify with a type of music and describe themselves as ‘Metal' fan or a 'Rap' fan, for example.

Think how significant these points become when you stress the interactivity aspect of your website - especially point three, where, hopefully, your website will allow for interaction between fans, between fans and the magazine and, in some cases, between fans and the artists.

So, "My website exploits Blumler and Katz' theory of Uses and Gratifications because... "

I'm sure you can figure out the rest...

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