Wednesday, 18 May 2016

GCSE Media Exam - Science Fiction Films

GCSE Media – Science Fiction films

Firstly, we have no idea exactly what the exam will contain, but we’ve looked carefully at the preliminary release material and based upon questions from the previous years, we can hazard a few guesses – so, if something else comes up, don’t shoot me! You have, however, done a lot of work on this and you should have plenty of material to work with.
I’m not going over the pre-release material again. We’ve read it in class and you’ve had your own copy for a few weeks.
How do you define science fiction? Films based on scientific possibility/potential, though may seem far-fetched.
The following posts have loads of information to help with the exam.
Make sure you can apply Uses and Gratifications, Narrative Theory and you know how your film can appeal to audience types. Make sure you can refer to existing films when you talk about your own or science fiction conventions - two or three would do.
There are several films that can be accessed on the video server via the school's website.
You’ll get about 22 minutes per question. If you finish early, you’ve done something wrong or missed out something. Try to avoid spending too long on the drawing task.

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