Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Science Fiction Films - Drawing Task

Drawing Task

There is always a drawing task and it’s an opportunity to pick up an easy set of marks. Based on the pre-release material and the fact it was storyboarding last year, I would guess a website to promote your film is the likely task. There will be coloured pencils there, but I would advise you to bring your own. However, you may not have time to use them; you may just have to annotate it and say where you would use the colours.

Look at the official website for BatmanvSuperman and base yours on that.

You will need to annotate it – i.e. explain how everything works and what exactly is in that set of links down the left of the page. You will need to produce a drawing where the mise-en-scene screams science fiction movie, either in terms of the background, the character(s) or both. You’ll need to talk about social network links AND how they could be used to market your film – how they could affect your audience. Mention some music track that you can have playing over the video – tie it in to your marketing campaign. Think about annotating it for synergy – like the links across the top of the BatmanvSuperman page that tie in with DC Comics and other Warner Brothers films.

If it is a storyboard task, a trailer is the most likely one. Vary shot distances – don’t draw everything in long shot. Remember to have a final scare near the end; remember to set up an enigma/puzzle that can only be solved by going to see the film; remember to show some explosions etc to attract the action fan. You should begin with a production logo (Reel Film Productions) and end it with a card with the name of the film, a website link and COMING SOON. You’ll only get ten shots. You must put in edits and times and sound. Make sure the timings get shorter towards the end.

A poster is a possibility – strong and relevant image with some kind of action going on in the background. Make sure the mise-en-scene has obvious connotations of the science fiction genre, title. Come up with some kind of tag; two members of cast at the top or come up with a billing block and PG certificate. 

There are some ideas for storyboards and a poster here:

You’ll have to annotate this as well, pointing out poster conventions, use of colour, conventions of the genre.

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