Friday, 17 January 2014

Media GCSE - exemplar coursework

This is a good example of GCSE coursework - not brilliant, but certainly good enough to warrant an A.

The cover looks like the real thing; the layout clearly follows conventions of magazine cover layout. I could moan about the image not being sharp enough... If I was really picky, I might complain about the traces of white around the hair, but she's done a good job and this isn't A Level.

The article is set out in neatly spaced columns. Not hard to do. You should be able to come up with a decent estimate for column width at three columns per page and leave enough space between each three to make them evenly spaced with a clear margin around the page. Once you've worked out your column width, duplicate the layer twice so all three are the same width. The picture's strong and the desaturation adds an element of class. Now, to be honest, considering the nature of the story, I would expect to see a picture of the cosmetic surgery gone wrong, but I'm being generous here and any attempt to manipulate an image may result in it looking third rate - and it looks good at the moment. Again, it's not A Level.

The colour scheme is simple but effective and while it  doesn't pick up any colours from the cover, there has been an attempt to create a house style by using the title with the page number and by the 'Belle Exclusive' banner at the top of the page. In both cases, Belle is in the same font as it is on the cover.

The advert, though simple, is effective. It would've been better had she been pouting and smiling - something lipstick adverts tend to rely on, when they're not being overtly sexual.