Monday, 1 June 2015

Opening of a News Programme

If yiou right-click and open in a new window, you can blow them up so they're readable.
Whatever the task turns out to be, present the storyboards as YOUR idea - dead dimple: this is my idea for the opening of "Starburst". Don't throw away marks by not addressing the tasks to the person who writes the letter/email in the exam sheet.
Stress the age of the presenter - early twenties - keep it in the target audience age because the audience will find it easier to relate to someone that age.
Remember, it's a 24 hour news channel that prides itself on breaking news, so have a ticker running across the screen that will recap the current stories and allow you to switch to a breaking news story - and point this out and the reason for it in your annotation.
Presenters need to be identified by Astons (their names and, in this case, email/twitter contacts).
The studio ident (TNN) should be visible on screen and you should have the time at the top right. Look at examples from Sky News.
You may feel the need to have the word, "Newsburst" either on the screen or visible elsewhere.
Other possibilities - show the presenter sitting from the start and make sure you emphasise the fact that you can see a busy newsroom at the rear, as if the news is happening all the time and it's a busy atmosphere.
There may well be no time for colour, but all the TV news you've seen sticks to a colour scheme, so at least annotate the storyboards to indicate a colour scheme.
Suppose you're asked how to broadcast a particular story. Start with the presenter, the cut or dissolve to a montage of images with the presenter's voice over. Make sure you have some user-generated content - someone at the scene has captured images and sounds on their phone. Have a reporter in the scene and have an expert, either in the studio or on the ground (at the scene) or possibly even both - a politician at the scene and another expert in the studio. You will also need to show how you present the story to reach your audience - so it needs to be at least in part a human interest angle - interview families, show images of suffering kids, have interviews with people the same age as your target audience.
Remember that in ALL the news we watched, the camera would zoom in across still images, so try to fit in something like this - You can indicate it on the storyboards even if you can't figure out a way to draw it.
You may have to sketch out a studio design. Do you have a desk or are you going to be more informal and have a couch? Dress of the presenter - casual/smart - you don't want then too smart of looking like a slob - you have to treat your audience with respect. You need to have a bank of screens that will feature images from the day's stories. You also need to show the busy newsroom in the background. Think about a colour scheme... and stick to it.

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