Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Marketing and Promoting Your Scjence Fiction Film

Marketing and promotion from HeworthMedia1

Marketing – there’s likely to be a question on how to market your film. Use the powerpoint here for revision (yes. it’s about superhero movies, but use your imagination) and see if you can come up with some ideas to promote your film and reach its target audience – which, as stated in the pre-release material, is a FAMILY audience so the film needs to be a PG certificate, so you can have some tension and excitement and some frightening material.

Look at this powerpoint on Marketing the Martian – see how it was marketed – especially how they used digital technologies, including the website, social networks and viral marketing – think of a viral marketing campaign for your film:

You might also get some ideas from this slideshare on marketing The Inbetweeners – an inexpensive money that was hugely successful in this country:

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